Programs & Facilities



Kidsxpose - for toddlers - (8 Months onwards)

Our Daycare program for toddlers from 05-15 Years children for all activity designed to introduce the child to Centre setting with supportive environment. In this the children continue to develop the overall activities as how they learn and explore their ambience with new experiences.

Kids xpose - Beginners - (8 Months onwards)

Kids xpose have designed unique concept curriculum for children from age group 2 and half years. Developing foundation with early childhood education by developing self-esteem, creativity, language and communication, socialization, logical & sequential thinking and mathematical concepts thus preparing for the next level of transformation.





Day Care and Infant Care

Nothing greater than Mother's love, Yes! We agree but we also understand there are times we need to leave our loved ones at safe hands for jobs. We take infants from 8 months and above and care for them with all the love they need. We provide healthy, hygienic food cooked with special care and with air conditioned rooms as well as safety play products.

After Centre Care

After Centre care program is designed as quarter day activities, where children get guidance for their homework and centre activities. Children spend their time with our playing accessories at our delightful gardens involving social, emotional and personal development.





Infant Care

Our Daycare has a special section exclusively for infant care. With a dedicated team of care takers for infants right from 8 months and above. Infants will be taken care at all stages with facilities such as food, cradle facilities and toys approved under safety standards.


The teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff of Kids Xpose are key to its success. They are greatly valued and honored. They play a very important role in the lives of every child who experiences Kids Xpose Irrespective of the qualifications that old and new teaching and administrative staff bring on board, it is mandatory for all to undergo the in-house training at Kids Xpose, at the start of the academic year. Other developmental opportunities, trainings and workshops are arranged for the staff all through the year. Non-teaching staff are trained and supervised by the centre co-coordinators and heads. All staff are continually motivated, appreciated and rewarded to put in their best in the rich, stimulating and enjoyable work environment at Kids Xpose