Personal social and emotional development

Here at kids Xpose we help children to learn how to share and take turns, to develop friendships and learn about feelings and their own and others’ needs. We encourage them to develop their confidence and independence as well as becoming motivated to find out and enjoy learning

Communication, language and literacy

We help children to develop confidence and competence in speaking and listening. We encourage them to talk freely and exchange ideas through their activities and experiences. We also encourage a love of books, stories and rhymes. We help them to recognise the sound and shapes of letters using games, matching, pictures, books, songs and rhymes. Fine motor control is developed to support pen control and letter writing.

Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

We provide the foundations for numeracy, encouraging the children to use numbers throughout their play. We offer them opportunities to understand the need and use of numbers in their environment. They learn to count, recognise and write numerals using a variety of games, activities, songs, rhymes and equipment. We develop their understanding of shape and size and the use of the appropriate vocabulary. We help them to develop confidence to estimate through games.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

We encourage the children to develop confidence to investigate how and why things happen. We use a range of activities to help them learn and find out about time and place and to be able to talk about what they observe and experience . We provide a range of tools and materials for them to learn how to construct and join materials together. We give them opportunities to use a range of equipment to develop their use and understanding of ICT.

Physical development

We focus on encouraging the children to develop their physical control, mobility and awareness of space and also their manipulative skills in both the indoor and the outdoor environments. Here at Kids xpose we have more than one open space which are well equipped with a range of equipment to encourage the children to have fun as they explore and extend their physical abilities. The 2nd Term ends with a Sports Day enjoyed by the children and their families.

Creative Development

Free play is an important part of the day where the children can allow their imaginations to lead their play and develop a storyline. This is supported by a wide range of toys and equipment. They also have access to a variety of materials and resources for painting, drawing, cutting and sticking, collage and model making to encourage their creativity and free expression. Music, drama and dance teachers come on a regular basis helping the children to develop rhythm, spatial awareness and story telling.